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Honey Bee
Trading Cards
for Youth

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What are honey bee trading cards?

A set of 18 honey bee trading cards are available from the Nebraska Beekeepers Association for youth education. In plain and simple language, they explain the honey bee's amazing life history, how bees make honey, and the importance of bee-pollination. They are especially useful to beekeepers who give talks to youth groups. A set of trading cards serves as a great take-home reminder of your visit. Young learners use the cards to tell their parents and friends about honey bees, extending your educational efforts to a larger audience.

Who distributes the cards?

Honey bee trading cards are a product of the University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension Service. They are printed and distributed by the Nebraska Beekepers Association.

How do I order them?

Cards are available in two packages:

1. Fifty shrink-wrapped sets of one of each of the 18 cards.

  • Cost: $50.00 plus $5.00 shipping ($55.00 total)
2. Bulk packs of 100 of each card (You need to sort them into sets.)
  • Cost: $30.00 plus $5.00 shipping ($35.00 total)


Warren Nelson, Treasurer
Nebraska Beekeepers Association
2839 N. 46th Street
Lincoln, NE 68504

Phone: 402-466-8173

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