Dr. Scott H. Hutchins

Global Director, Crop Protection R&D (Adjunct Appointment)
Dow AgroSciences
9330 Zionsville Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Phone: (317) 752-1852 (Mobile)
(317) 337-4971 (Work)
FAX: (317) 337-3252
Website: http://www.dowagro.com


Area: Agricultural and urban pest management product characterization and development; Integrated Pest Management (especially bioeconomics) and economic entomology.


Professor (Adjunct)


  1. B.S. in Entomology, Auburn University, 1981
  2. M.S. in Entomology, Mississippi State University, 1983
  3. Ph.D. in Entomology, Iowa State University, 1987
Professional Responsibilities and Activities: Responsible for global product development of Crop Protection products for Dow AgroSciences. Activities include product design (formulation, delivery system, process research, and packaging) as well as biological characterization of performance and fit within Pest Management Systems. Oversees activities and careers for approximately 400 Scientists and Staff.


Publications: Hutchins, S.H. 2003. Technology and service innovation as a unifying focus for the future of IPM. Fourth National IPM Symposium, Indianapolis, IN (8 Apr). Hutchins, S.H. 2002. Agricultural technology: Safely sustaining the capacity for world food production. Agrofood Industry Hi-Tech (in press). Hutchins, S.H. 1997. Thresholds Involving Plant Quality and Phenological Disruption (Chapter 16). In L.G. Higley and L.P. Pedigo (eds.) Economic Thresholds for Integrated Pest Management. University of Nebraska Press, pp. 275-290. Hutchins, S.H. 1995. Free enterprise: The only sustainable solution to IPM implementation. J. Agric. Entomol. 12(4):211-217 (Invited Manuscript). Hutchins, S.H. 1994. Techniques for Sampling Arthropods for IPM (chapter 5). In LP Pedigo and G. D. Buntin (eds.) Handbook of Sampling Methods for Arthropod Pests in Agriculture. CRC Press, pp. 74-97. Hutchins, S.H. and P.J. Gehring. 1993. Perspective on the value, regulation, and objective utilization of pest control technology. Amer. Entomol. 39:12-15. Huchins, S.H., G.D. Buntin, and LP Pedigo. 1990. Impact of insect feeding on alfalfa regrowth: A review of physiological responses and economic consequences. Agronomy Journal 82:1035-1044 (Invited Review). Hutchins, S.H., L.G. Higley, and LP Pedigo. 1988. Injury equivalency as a basis for developing multiple-species economic-injury levels. J. Econ. Entomol. 81:1-8 (Forum Section). Pedigo, LP, S.H. Hutchins, and L.G. Higley. 1986. Economic-injury levels in theory and practice. Ann. Rev. Entomol. Vol 31:341-368.


Notable Distinctions:
  • Recipient of 1985 North Central Branch of the ESA Student Competition Award (Winner, Popularization of Entomology Category).
  • Recipient of 1986 North Central Branch of the ESA Student Competition Award (Winner, Teaching Entomology Category).
  • Recipient of 1987 North Central Branch of the ESA Student Competition Award (Winner, Doctoral Research Category).
  • Recipient of 1987 John Henry Comstock Outstanding Graduate Student.
  • Selected as Outstanding Young Alumnus, Iowa State University, 1997.
  • Elected to Entomological Society of America as President (2007). Has served on the Governing Board since 2000.