Cicindela scutellaris lecontei Haldeman - LeConte's Festive Tiger Beetle

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Description: 11-13mm, dull red or maroon (occasionally orangeish or greenish) with white marginal markings

Similar Species: None

Range: Eastern United States, from New England to Nebraska. Other subspecies are found south of Tennessee and Arkansas

Nebraska Distribution:

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Habitat: Sandy open areas with sparse vegetation, such as dunes, road cuts, sand pits

Seasonal Occurrence: Spring/fall

Status: Less frequently found than C. s. scutellaris, although it may be locally common when found

*Note: An intergrade zone between C. s. scutellaris and C. s. lecontei occurs in the eastern one-third of Nebraska. Mixed populations containing both phenotypes occur as far west as Howard Co. and as far east as Lancaster Co.
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