Undergraduate Courses


ENTO 109 Beekeeping
ENTO 115 Insect Biology
ENTO 116 Insect Identification
ENTO 200 Behavior of Arthropods
ENTO 300 Toxins in the Environment
ENTO 308 Management of Field Crop Insects
ENTO 309 Career Experience
ENTO 315 Undergraduate Research Seminar
ENTO 395 Experiential Learning for Career Development in Insect Science
ENTO 400 Biology and Classification of Insects
ENTO 401/801 Insect Physiology
ENTO 402/802 Aquatic Insects
ENTO 402L/802L Identification of Aquatic Insects
ENTO 403 Horticultural Insects
ENTO 406/806 Insect Ecology
ENTO 409/809 Insect Control by Host-Plant Resistance
ENTO 412/812 Entomology and Pest Management
ENTO 414/814 Forensic Entomology
ENTO 415/815 Medical Entomology
ENTO 485 Current Issues in Entomology
ENTO 496/896 Independent Study in Entomology
ENTO 499H Honors Thesis

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