Dr. David W. Onstad

David's picture
Research Scientist,
Corteva Agriscience
Address: Corteva Agriscience, Johnston, IA 50131
Phone: 515-468-8638
Email(s): david.onstad@corteva.com, dwonstad@gmail.com


Appointment: Adjunct Faculty


  1. B.S. in Biological Science, California State University, Sacramento
  2. M.S. in Environmental Systems Engineering, Cornell University
  3. Ph.D. in Entomology, Cornell University (minor in plant pathology)


I work in Iowa at Corteva Agriscience where I create and analyze mathematical models to evaluate resistance management strategies for insect pests and plant pathogens. Before 2012, I was a professor at the University of Illinois where I taught applied ecology and focused on IPM. I have created models of more than 30 species of plants, insects, and diseases, including honey bees, predators, parasitoids, insect pathogens and plant diseases. I have performed research on alfalfa, maize, soybean, broccoli, apple orchards, woodlands, and a few other systems. I am Vice-President of the Plant-Insect Ecosystem Section of the Entomological Society of America and will become President in November 2020. The second edition of my book, Insect Resistance Management: biology, economics and prediction, was published by Academic Press in 2014. The third edition is in preparation. My latest book, The Economics of Integrated Pest Management of Insects, was co-edited with Phil Crain and published by CABI in 2019.

My long-term interests include promotion of entomology in museums, schools, universities, and many other facilities and institutions in society. I also expect to focus on forecasting how entomology and IPM should change to significantly contribute to society and agriculture as the world changes beyond 2040.


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