Erin Bauer

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Lecturer, Online Education Programs
University of Nebraska
Department of Entomology
103 Entomology Hall
Lincoln, NE
Phone: (402) 472-9548
FAX: (402) 472-4687


Appointment: 100% Teaching

  1. B.S. Education, University of Nebraska at Omaha
  2. MLIS (Master of Library and Information Science), Dominican University (formerly Rosary College)
  3. M.S. Entomology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Responsibilities: Academic advisor for students in the online Master's in Entomology program. Work with students to ensure success in the program, recruit new students, and develop educational materials. Teach courses for the online Master’s program, and serve as coordinator for the M.S. Project capstone course. Also contribute to the department’s science literacy efforts through curriculum development.

Teaching Summary:
Courses taught:
Insect Ecology ENTO 406/806
Insect Biology ENTO 115
Management of Horticultural Insects ENTO 403/803
Insects in Popular Culture ENTO 896

Entomology Publications:
Bauer, Erin C., Louise I. Lynch, Doug A. Golick, and Tom J. Weissling. 2015. Creating a Solitary Bee Hotel. NebGuide G2256. University of Nebraska—Lincoln Extension.
Bauer, Erin C., Clyde L. Ogg, Fredrick P. Baxendale, Jan R. Hygnstrom, and Pierce J. Hansen. 2013. Bee Aware: Protecting Pollinators from Pesticides. EC301. University of Nebraska—Lincoln.
Bauer, Erin. 2013. Insects in the World of Fiction. American Entomologist. 59 (20): 109-123.