Millipede Food Preference Inquiry (foodpreference)

Millipede Food Preference Inquiry


Objective: To determine what types of food millipedes eat.



-������� Giant African Millipedes

-������� Food items (Giant African Millipedes� will eat a variety of fruits and vegetables) Allow the students to suggest different food items to test

-������� Terrarium or escape-proof container



-������� Divide students into groups of 2 to 4 students per group

-������� Place different food items in the center of the container (select between 2 to 5 different foods to test)

-������� Add one millipede to each container

-������� Record the feeding preference of the millipedes.� The results can be recorded by simply stating if the millipede consumed a food item or not.� An alternative to this method would be to determine initial and final weights of the different food items.� By comparing the initial and final weights of each food item, information can be inferred about the food preference of the millipedes.�

-������� Be sure to replicate your inquiry



-������� What did you learn about millipedes and their food preference?


-������� How many legs do millipedes have?


-������� How is a millipede different from a centipede?