Daisy Warnick
Research Technician
Pollinators, Insect Ecology

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Staff Profile


My name is Daisy Warnick! I was born in Columbus, NE, and have lived in Nebraska all my life! It's a great state!

Currently, I work as a technician for the Great Plains Master Beekeeping Program! I love getting to know new (and experienced) beekeepers and helping them resolve issues which may arise as they progress on their path to becoming a Master Beekeeper!

My enthusiasm for beekeeping began in 2016 when my father took up beekeeping as a hobby. Since then I've worked alongside him in the beeyard. It's been a wonderful adventure, full of learning. The more I learn about honey bees, the more I'm convinced of the majesty of God and the beautiful world He designed. 

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, tending to my flock of backyard hens (another great passion of mine), keeping a garden, reading inspiring books, and being out in nature!


University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1700 East Campus Mall
2 Entomology Hall
Lincoln, NE 68583-0816