Turfgrass Entomology Overview

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The goal of this research is to develop sustainable integrated pest management approaches for the arthropods affecting turfgrasses in Nebraska. Current emphasis is on identifying the insects and mites associated with buffalograss, investigating their biology, ecology, distribution and injury potential, and developing management alternatives for potential pests. Special attention is given to the identification of natural enemies which play an important role in regulating pest populations, and on locating insect-resistant germplasm. This research emphasizes a multidisciplinary team approach and is an integral component of the IANR Turfgrass Science Team effort.

This program is designed to disseminate research-based entomological education to turfgrass and landscape professionals, master gardeners, extension staff and the general public through consultations, educational meetings, publications and media releases. Emphasis is on the promotion of effective and environmentally-responsible IPM strategies for the important insect pests associated with turfgrasses, landscapes and other horticultural plantings. Major programming activities include Backyard Farmer, Turfgrass Conference and Workshop, Turfgrass Field Day, Master Gardener Training and Insect Science Programs for Youth.
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