Lubber Grasshopper

Other Names:  Romalea microptera

How Big Are They?  Can grow to over 3 inches (8 cm) long

What Do They Eat?   Grasshoppers eat many different plants.

Good Things They Do:   Some grasshoppers are considered a delicacy in certain countries.  It is rumored they great coated with chocolate or deep fried.   They also make excellent lab animals for research.

Not So Good Things They Do: Eat plants we grow for food.

Where Do You Find Them?  Grasshoppers are found almost everywhere, but Eastern lubber grasshoppers are found only in the southeastern US.

Interesting Things About Them:     Eastern lubber grasshoppers contain toxins that can cause animals that eat them to throw up.  Eastern lubber babies (nymphs) are black with yellow stripes and the adults are brightly colored.


Eastern lubber grasshopper