Below we've included a number of great resources, from other universities, Extension offices, zoos, museums, etc., that offer curriculum, programs, or youth materials about entomological topics. 

All about Butterflies
Collection of lepidoptera resources. 

BedBugs and Bookbags
Curriculum guide for teaching and learning about bedbugs (from the University of Florida and the Jacksonville BedBug Task Force)

Bug Basics Game (a Word document)
AR game developed by UNL Entomology Masters student Glynnys Pentecoste covering basic insect information.

Conservation Lesson Plans, Powerpoints, and Videos
Educational materials about pollinators and other related conservation topics from Nebraska Games and Parks.

A Homeowner's Guide to Entomology and House Insects
This guide, developed by a young student interested in entomology, provides a variety of insect related resources, including organizations, collecting, and general information.

Interdependent Relationships and Biodiversity Lessons  (A PowerPoint document)
Set of lessons/curriculum developed by UNL Entomology Masters student Lena Teselle covering interactions between ecosystems, biodiversity, and insects.

Insect Investigations Encounter Kit
Kit available from the University of Nebraska State museum. Activities include Insect Adaptations, Insect Diversity, Invent an Insect, How Many Can There Bee?, and Snug as a Bug.

Insect Finder
Insect identifier tool

Michigan State IPM Curriculum K-6
Insect and IPM activities and resources for K-6 teachers.

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle and Migration: This lesson plan from National Geographic explores the basics about monarch butterflies and their migratory behavior.

Nebraska 4-H Entomology
Tips on how to develop insect collections for State Fair.

O. Orkin Insect Zoo at the Smithsonian
Large insect exhibit at the Smithsonian. A teacher's guide to the insect zoo is also included.

Orkin Science Education
Includes insect lesson plans, lab notes, activities, and "Junior Pest Investigator" program.

Outdoor Enthusiast's Guide to Bugs
Offers a number of links and resources about insects.

Pennsylvania State Extension IPM for Teachers Curriculum
Offers a number of resources and activities about Integrated Pest Management and insects.

Scholastic Insects and Bugs: Everything you Need
Offers lesson plans, activities, books, and other resources about insects.

Teaming With Insects: National 4-H
Provides three levels of curriculum for teaching entomology.

University of Kentucky Entomology Teaching Resources
Includes lesson plans, activities, and websites about insects.