Entomology Games

  • Entomology Go! (Augmented Reality Game created by graduate student Dawn Sikora): Undertake a virtual journey to search out hidden insects in the UNL Entomology Department and around East Campus. To begin, download the Taleblazer app for your iPhone or Android. Then click here for instructions. Happy hunting!
  • Firefly Flash: Have fun with fireflies in this PBS game.
  • Nature Explorers: Let's Go Outside: Learn all about nature, including how insects and pollinators interact in the environment in this interactive website. Quickly sign up with a free username and password to gain access to all features.
  • Pest PI Video Game : Created by UNL, take on the role of Pest Private Eye in this point-and-click video game where you learn about pests and how to manage them using IPM. Play free web version, or purchase CDs
  • Pest World for Kids: From the National Pest Management Association, this site offers a number of learning games about insect pests for children of all ages! Games include Pest Detective, Archibald's Adventure, Bug Builder, and Sort the Bugs.
  • Science Detectives Training Room Escape: Short online "escape room" game that teaches how to use the scientific method.