Western Bean Cutworm Central

Welcome to Western Bean Cutworm Central! This webpage is designed to serve as a clearing house of information related to western bean cutworm (WBC) biology, behavior, and management in both corn and dry bean agroecosystems. Here, you will find basic information about when and where WBC is found, how it damages corn and dry beans, and practical information regarding how to manage WBC populations in both crops. We have included links to WBC extension materials available at UNL and other universities, as well as links to other websites with information about WBC. You will also find presentations, posters, and extension materials from a March 2018 symposium about current knowledge and management tools to combat WBC. Please use the links below to navigate between topics. If you have questions or comments related to the content on WBC Central, or wish to suggest resources to be added to the webpage, please contact Katharine Swoboda Bhattarai (kswoboda3@unl.edu) or Julie Peterson (julie.peterson@unl.edu).