The following resources would be useful for M.S. students, faculty, or the public.

Image Libraries
Listed here are image galleries that may provide photos for your presentations and publications. Be sure to read and follow the image use policies that are listed for each site.

This resource lists works of fiction (movies, books, video games, TV shows, and other related media) that feature insects or entomologists as major characters or plot points.

Pest Profiles
Find information about a variety of insect and related arthropod pests that affect our gardens, crops, homes, and public health. Also included are beneficial insects that help control pests or perform other important services such as pollination. Profiles are provided by M.S. students and faculty in the Entomology department.

M.S. Project Examples
See examples of projects that have been completed by our online M.S. students.

Grammar and Writing Style Guides
Look no further for tips about how to write more effectively and correctly cite your references.

UNL Libraries--Entomology Research Guide
UNL librarian Leslie Delserone provides resources for how to find quality entomology information.