Bee Outreach Project

The following project, developed by grad student Bonnie Steinhauser, provides materials to teach your own program about bees and pollination . Materials (many courtesy of the Montana Pollinator Education Program) that can be used for both a youth and adult program are available.

Bee Curious Powerpoint Presentation (Youth and adult program versions included)
Use this presentation to introduce bees, then integrate some of the materials listed below.

Youth program materials

Beeman book cover (use this book with presentation)
Brush with a Bee movie
Kids Activity printouts
Kids Bee craft
What if There Were no Bees book cover (use this book with presentation)

Adult program materials

Bee book cover (use this book with presentation)
Bee cards
Bee outreach packet
Bee houses
Bee hotel
Beekeeping Questionnaire
Pinned bee display
Pollinator Seed packet information
Pollinator seed packet (good)
Pollinator seed packet (bad)