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Dr. Judy Wu-Smart
Dr. Judy Wu-Smart leads the Bee Lab at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Lab staff and students organize beekeeping workshops and field days, and answer questions about pollinator health and management.

The Bee Lab at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) pursues research questions and extension programs focused on better understanding various stressors impacting pollinator health.

Our lab focuses on integrating research findings to mitigate stressors and inform sustainable pollinator-friendly policies as well as develop practical applications for integrated pest management in managed bee colonies.

Current research projects examine:

  • Non-target effects of pesticide exposure on bees in agroecosystems
  • Impact of landscape enhancements on bee communities
  • Interaction effects of multiple stressors on bee behavior and colony development
  • Pest control strategies (including management of Varroa mites in honey bee colonies)
  • Resistance management

Through our extension programming, we work closely with beekeepers, growers, various industries, and small businesses, gardeners, and nature enthusiasts to develop best management practices and educate about the importance of pollinators and ecosystem diversity.

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