Dr. Gary L. Hein

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Director - Doctor of Plant Health Professional Program and
Professor of Entomology
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
279D Plant Sciences Hall
Lincoln, NE 68583-0933
Phone: (402) 472-3345
FAX: (402) 472-3300

70% Administration, 30% Research


  1. B.A. in Biology, Concordia College, 1976
  2. M.S. in Entomology, Iowa State University, 1981
  3. Ph.D. in Entomology, Iowa State University, 1984
Professional Responsibilities and Activities: Administration: The mission of the Doctor of Plant Health Program at UNL is to produce plant practitioners who are broadly trained in the various disciplines that impact plant health and plant management. These practitioners will be capable of integrating this broad training to diagnose and solve plant health problems and to develop plant management systems that maximize the system's economic, environmental and social sustainability. These Doctors of Plant Health will meet a growing need to address multi-disciplinary plant health issues worldwide. Research: Project focuses on wheat curl mite biology and ecology and epidemiology of its vectored viruses. Project objectives include: 1) improve our understanding of the biology of the wheat curl mite to establish the species complex makeup of the mite, 2) characterize the transmission relationships between the wheat curl mite and its vectored viruses, 3) define and quantify the parameters that affect the movement of the wheat curl mite and its relationship to virus spread, and 4) work with plant breeders to screen developing lines for WSMV (and other virus) resistance in winter wheat.


Recent Refereed Publications
  • Lanier, W. T., M. J. Brewer, F. B. Peairs, G. L. Hein, H. F. Schwartz, J. B. Campbell and S. Blodgett. 2006. Development and assessment of an on-line High Plains integrated pest management guide for a regional audience. Am. Entomol. 52:30-35.
  • Stenger, D. C., G. L. Hein, and R. French. 2006. Nested deletion analysis of wheat streak mosaic virus HC-Pro: mapping domains affecting polyprotein processing and eriophyid mite transmission. Virology 350:465-474.
  • Divis, L. A., R. A. Graybosch, C. J. Peterson, P. S. Baenziger, G. L. Hein, B. B. Beecher and T. J. Martin. 2006. Agronomic and quality effects in winter wheat of a gene conditioning resistance to wheat streak mosaic. Euphytica 152:41-49.
  • Young, B. A., G. L. Hein, R. French, D. C. Stenger. 2007. Substitution of conserved cysteine residues in wheat streak mosiac virus HC-Pro abolishes virus transmission by the wheat curl mite. Arch. Virology 152:2107-2111.
  • Krumm, J. T., T. E. Hunt, S. R. Skoda, G. L. Hein, D. L. Lee, P. L. Clark, and J. E. Foster. 2008. Genetic variability of the European corn borer, Ostinia nubilalis, suggests gene flow between populations in the Midwestern United States. J. Insect Science 8:69, available online: http://insectscience.org/8.72.
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  • Giles, K., G. L. Hein, and F. Peairs. 2008. Areawide pest managment of cereal aphids in dryland wheat sytems of the Great Plains. Pages 441-466, In: O. Koul, G. W. Cuperus, and N. Elliott (eds) Areawide Pest Management: Theory and Implementation. CAB Interntational, Wallingford Oxfordshire, UK.
  • Graybosch, R.A., C.J. Peterson, P. S. Baenziger, D. D. Baltensperger, L. A. Nelson, Y. Jin, J. Kolmer, B. Seaborn, R. French, G. Hein, T.J. Martin, B. Beecher, T. Schwarzacher and P. Heslop-Harrison. 2009. Registration of "Mace" hard red winter wheat. Journal of Plant Registrations 3:51-56.
Major Extension Publications:
  • Hein, G. L., M. A. Boetel, and L. D. Godfrey. 2009. Major insect and arthropod pests. Pp. 95-117. In: Compendium of Beet Diseases and Pests (2nd edition). R. M. Harveson, L. E. Hanson, and G. L. Hein, eds. APS Press, St. Paul, 140 pp.
  • A. Gebre-Amlak, J. P. Michaud, F. B. Peairs, G. L. Hein, P. Sloderbeck, and R. A. Higgins. 2009. Insect pest management. Pp. 16-23. In: High Plains Sunflower Production Handbook. Publ. MF2384, Kansas State University, 42pp.
  • Hein, G. L. 2007. Wheat mites. Pp. 75-79. In: Handbook of Small Grain Insects. G. D. Buntin, K. S. Pike, M. J. Weiss, and J. A. Webster, eds. Entomol. Soc. Am. and Am. Phytopath. Soc. Press, St. Paul, MN.
  • Hein, G. L. and F. B. Peairs. 2004. Insect Management. Pp. 93-108. In: H. F. Schwartz, M. A. Brick, R. M. Harveson, and G. D. Franc [eds], Dry bean production and integrated pest management (2nd edition), Dry Bean Production and Pest Diagnosis. Bulletin 562A, Colorado State Univ. Extension, Ft. Collins, 166 pp.
  • Hein, G. L. and G. D. Johnson. 2001. Insect management. In: Sugarbeet Production Guide. University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension EC01-156. 36 pp.
Notable Distinctions:
  • North Central Branch of the Entomological Society of America, President - 2006-07
  • Distinguished Extension Specialist, UNL Extension - 2008

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