Take a Tour of the Entomology Department

Take a Virtual Tour of the UNL Entomology Department, located in Entomology Hall on East Campus. Also click on the links below to learn more about its faculty and staff.


Basement Floor Ento Hall

Dr. Kyle Koch, Insect Identification and Photographic Media Lab

UNL Bee Lab

AEM Business Center


First Floor

First floor ento hall

Main Office

Dr. John Ruberson, dept. head

Dr. Gary Brewer

103B Conference Room

Mail Room

Classroom/Seminar Room

Dr. Lance Meinke

Dr. Troy Anderson

Dr. Judy Wu-Smart

Dr. Justin McMechan

Dr. Louise Lynch-O'Brien

Growth/Rearing Room

Outreach Supply Room

Vector Ecology

Ecology and Pest Management Lab

Bee Mural

Monarch Mural

Second Floor 

Second Floor Ento Hall

Teaching Classroom Room 204

Seminar/Teaching Classroom Room 202

EPG Entomology Lab

Graduate Student Offices

Dr. Autumn Smart

Dr. Doug Golick

Dr. Tom Weissling

Dr. Robert Wright

Dr. Shaonpius Mondel

Dr. Shripat Kamble, emeriti

Dr. Joe Louis

Third Floor

Third Floor Ento Hall

Erin Bauer

Dr. Jerry Zhu, adjunct

Plant-Insect Interactions Lab

Toxicology Lab

Dr. Ana Velez

Post-Doc Faculty Offices

Integrative Physiology Lab (306)

Vector Entomology of Plant Pathogens (302)

Tissue Lab

The department also has faculty and labs located outside Entomology Hall. Read more about our off-site faculty and locations here:

Dr. Jeff Bradshaw, Director of the Dr. of Plant Health Program
Dr. Julie Peterson
Dr. Susan Weller

Bioassay lab in Plant Sciences Hall
University of Nebraska State Museum