Dr. Troy Anderson

Dr. Troy Anderson
Insect Physiology

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Faculty Profile


  • B.S. in Biological Sciences, Department of Biological Sciences, Wichita State University, 1999
  • M.S. in Biological Sciences (Ecotoxicology), Department of Biological Sciences, Wichita State University, 2001
  • Ph.D. in Entomology (Insect Toxicology), Department of Entomology, Kansas State University, 2006
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow (Neurotoxicology), Department of Entomology, Virginia Tech, 2008

Professional Responsibilities and Activities

  • My research mission is to advance solutions for the challenge areas of arthropod-borne disease prevention, pollinating insect protection, and beneficial insect conservation. My research vision is to improve human, animal, and environment health through the transformative power of the entomological and chemical sciences. My research program spans from basic to applied studies in insect physiotoxicology using toxicology, biochemical, electrophysiology, genomic, and molecular biology approaches to discover chemical modes of action and circumvent resistance mechanisms for pathogen-transmitting arthropods and mitigate agrochemical exposure risk to beneficial insects. My research goals are achieved with an established and sustained internationally reputable research program and the development of cohesive collaborations within the US and around the world.


Areas of Specialization

Insect Physiotoxicology, Insecticide Discovery & Development, Insecticide Modes of Action, Insecticide Resistance Management, Pathogen-Transmitting Arthropod Management, Pollinator Health & Protection


Insect Physiology (ENTO 401, 801, 801L) and Undergraduate Research Seminar (ENTO 315)


109D Entomology Hall
Department of Entomology
Lincoln, NE 68583-0816


80% Research, 20% Teaching

Professional Interests

  • Arthropod-Borne Disease Prevention
  • Pollinating Insect Protection
  • Beneficial Insect Conservation

Professional Society Memberships

  • American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • Entomological Society of America (ESA)
  • Society of Vector Ecology