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The Department of Entomology offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Insect Science, a Graduate Certificate in Entomology, a Master's Degree in Entomology and a Ph.D. in Entomology. The department offers a strong curriculum and provides numerous professional opportunities for its students.

Undergraduate Program

The field of insect science encompasses the agricultural, biological, and environmental sciences related to insects and their interactions with humans and other organisms. Entomologists protect animals, humans, forests and crops from harmful insects. They also discover new species and study insects to better understand their beneficial role in nature, such as pollinators.

Insect Science Major & Minor

Graduate Programs

As a graduate student in our program, you will work closely with internationally recognized faculty. The department has research sites across Nebraska and collaborative relationships with both domestic and international scientists and educators.

Graduate Certificate, M.S. and Ph.D. in Entomology

Contact Information

For more information on educational programs in the Department of Entomology, contact:

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Undergraduate Programs

Dr. Louise Lynch-O'Brien
Insect Science Program Coordinator
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Tom Weissling

Graduate Programs

Dr. Tom Weissling
Graduate Chair
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Distance Education Programs

Erin Bauer
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Career opportunities for our graduates include:

  • federal government agencies (EPA, USDA, APHIS)
  • state departments of agriculture
  • state agricultural research stations
  • university extension services
  • agrichemical companies
  • agricultural consulting firms
  • private agribusiness firms
  • seed production companies
  • international development agencies

Students with an interest in urban entomology have career opportunities as pest control operators, in mosquito abatement districts and the food processing industry, in public health services, as industrial pest control consultants, and with the armed forces. Many of our students go on to pursue Master’s and Ph.D. degrees either here or at other top-rated universities.