Bruner Club

Lawrence Bruner image


The Bruner Club is a social and academic club for entomology graduate students. It was founded in 1965 in honor of Lawrence Bruner, the first entomology department chairman. The club has six student officers and two faculty advisors. It consists of several student committees that coordinate outreach, education, fundraising and social events for the department. The Bruner club is actively involved in numerous activities, including Applejack Festival, NaturePalooza, Farmer's Market, BugFest, local science fairs, Weatherfest, Nature Conservancy Day, Roots and Shoots, Bee Funday, Sunday with a Scientist, Moth Night, Zoo School BioBlitz, Lincoln Children Museum and K-12 schools with the goal of educating and exciting the general public about insects. The club also organizes and financially supports a seminar series on a wide range of topics for the department. In addition, the Bruner club organizes and supports social gatherings such as the welcome back barbecue, international potluck, holiday parties, and canoeing/collecting trips. At times the club has organized a coed volleyball team to compete in local tournaments. Financially, the Bruner Club is self-supporting. The main sources of income are from t-shirt, honey sales and alumni donations. Club members are active in professional organizations such as the Entomological Society of America, where they present papers or symposia and regularly participate in the Linnaean Games, an insect quiz bowl competition at regional and national entomology meetings.

Bruner Club Officers

President - Matt Welter
Vice President - Lindsay Overmyer
Secretary - Mariana Sanchez
Treasurer - Jen Williams
Student Representative to Faculty Meetings - Kait Chapman
Graduate Student Association Representative - Kayla Mollet
Seminar Committee – Gabi Carmona
NCB Student Affairs Committee – Sajjan Grover
Faculty Advisors – Drs. Troy Anderson and Justin McMechan