Charles Glenn Murphy Memorial Scholarship

Recipients of this scholarship must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and must have participated in at least one outreach or science literacy event in the past year focused primarily on children. This scholarship is open to UNL students majoring in entomology – undergraduate Insect Science majors, online or resident M.S., and Ph.D. students. Priority will be given to undergraduate students and applicants that have developed insect educational materials for children.

Charles Glenn Murphy

Charles Glenn Murphy

Charles Glenn Murphy was born February 8, 2012 to parents Cameron and Jenna Murphy. He tragically died October 24, 2015. His short life of 1,352 days was lived to the fullest in the pursuit of love, knowledge, and exploration. Charlie was a caring big brother and son. He loved all of God's creation, most especially insects. Thanks in part to The Magic Schoolbus, Charlie knew everything about ants, bees, and spiders at the age of 2, even warning his grandfather not to touch a web because it was sticky.

Charlie could easily catch "hop hoppers," "mantises," crickets, and even a horsefly, though he did not really appreciate the horsefly's reaction to being caught, but he let it go anyway. His family soon gave him the rightful title of bug whisperer as he could often get insects such as moths and butterflies to sit on his finger as if they were a bird. Ever a gentle soul, Charlie could hold a praying mantis or grasshopper in his hands for hours and not harm the creature at all.

In the effort to maintain our son's legacy and promote the great-unknown potential that he had for this world, we created this UNL Memorial Scholarship in Charlie's name to honor his love for insects and help a selected student achieve their dreams to become an entomologist and create a better world.

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