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Great Plains Business Center (formerly AEM Business Center)

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The UNL Entomology Department headquarters is located in 103 ENTO Hall, 1700 East Campus Mall, Lincoln, NE 68583-0816. The main phone number is 402-472-2123.

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Hotels & Lodging

Hotel reservations should be made through Concur through Firefly.

The Scarlet Hotel is now open on Innovation Campus. Reservations may be made through Concur.  

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Lost & Found

The Entomology Department does not keep lost items. Items that are turned in to the office are given to the UNL Police Department or disposed of in accordance with UNL policy.

Outlook Calendar

  • Outlook allows employees with a @unl.edu email address to reserve classrooms or conference rooms. In the Calendar tab, click on "Add Calendar," then select "From Room List," finally select one of the rooms below.

    Adding a room calendar in OutlookYou may also use the Scheduling Assistant: Add Rooms, then select the calendar that you want. The accompanying image shows someone adding 103B Entomology meeting room to their Outlook Calendar. 

    The rooms are as follows:
    • 103B Entomology Hall (small meeting room)
    • Entomology Hall 110 classroom
    • Entomology Hall 202 classroom
    • 204 Insect Teaching Lab

Postage & Shipping

Each faculty member, staff member, and graduate research assistant are assigned a mailbox in 102 ENTO Hall. There is 1 box for outgoing campus mail and 1 box for all other domestic or foreign mail. Be sure that all mail addresses contain the department's 4-digit zip code: 0816.

Outgoing mail should be in an outcoming mailbox by 11 a.m. on the odd-days of the month. Incoming mail is dropped off at Entomology Hall on the odd-days of the month at approximately 11:30 a.m.  

The Entomology Staff (Marilyn or Kathy) will notify you that a box or boxes have been delivered for you to Entomology Hall via FedEx or UPS. The UNL Mailing & Distribution office at 1700 Y Street may also email you to say there is a box for you at their location. If you don't go downtown to pick it up, the box will go through regular UNL mail and be delivered to Entomology Hall on the odd-days of the month. 

Personal mail or pre-stamped mail should not be mailed through the department. There is a blue mailbox east of the UNMC Dental College.

UNL Mail & Distribution

  • US Postal Service (USPS). This method of mailing needs address labels (including the 4-digit zip code for Entomology Hall - 0816) & usually needs a Postage Billing Form taped to the package or box. 
  • United Parcel Service (UPS). Staff in the Entomology office can request pick-up & generate shipping labels via an online request system. Please provide a cost object, weight, box demensions & requested speed of shipment. 
  • FedEx. Staff in the Entomology office can request pick-up & generate shipping labels via an online system. Please provide a cost object, weight, box demensions & requested speed of shipment. 


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UNL Travel Forms

For any of the following forms, sign into Firefly and click the Sapphire tab. Make travel arrangements through Concur.

  • Air Fare Situation Report
  • Business Trip Lodging Receipt
  • Employee Expense Log
  • Employee Expense Voucher
  • Non-Travel Expense Voucher
  • Pre-Trip Request for Travel Authorization Form
  • Traveler Profile
  • UNL Affidavit