Warren and Una Emerson Scholarship

The Warren and Una Emerson Memorial fund was created by their children to honor their parents at the University where they met and the department that meant so much to their mother. The scholarship is need-based, is awarded annually, and is renewable with a 3.0 GPA.

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Emerson Wedding

Una was working at the Extension Service when she met Warren Emerson. Their courtship was delayed by Warren’s overseas military assignment and Una’s work for the War Department. Una and Warren were married in 1944.

Warren Stanley Emerson was born September 14, 1916 in Dorsey, Nebraska and was one of seven children in a loving family. His mother was also a teacher. The years were tough during his youth, but Warren always said they were rich in what counted, which was the love of the family. Warren went to the University of Nebraska on a Regents’ Scholarship and spent three years working on a degree but signed up with the Army before he graduated. He was a P-51 fighter pilot in the European Theater with the US Army Air Forces during World War II. He was recognized as a fighter ace, was awarded the Silver Star twice, the Purple Heart, and the Distinguished Flying Cross. Warren was a member of the Fighter Aces and the 354th Fighter Group associations.

Warren’s uncle was a doctor and his mother dreamed that one of her children would also become a doctor. As the second born child, Warren knew his mother wanted him to be a doctor, but he chose dentistry instead. He used the G.I. Bill to help him attain his goal. Warren applied to Baylor Dental School in Dallas, Texas and was accepted. After graduation in 1948, Warren, Una and oldest child moved to Palestine, Texas, where Warren took over the practice of a retired dentist. Warren and Una built his dental practice together. The family grew by two more during the early years in Palestine. Una taught her children about flora, fauna, and bugs that opened their eyes to nature’s multiple habitats.

Warren was a highly ethical and moral man, as well as an encourager. He had a strong work ethic and considered his patients to be his friends. In addition, he served his community through serving as a director of a nursing home, president of the local YMCA, and on various committees at his church.

Una was also an active volunteer in the community and was involved in church and various other organizations and committees.

Warren retired in 1998 after 50 years of practicing dentistry. At the same time, Una retired from being his business manager.

Warren died on December 6, 2001. Una died on June 22, 2012.