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ANATOMY (Grasshopper)
  1. Circulatory System
  2. Digestive-Excretory
  3. Nervous System
  4. Reproductive System
  5. Respiratory System

  1. Comparison of Pharoah Ant and Thief Ant Workers

  1. Difference Between a Bed Bug and a Bat Bug

  1. Armyworm Identification
  2. Black Cutworm Identification
  3. Black Cutworm Damage
  4. Bronzed Cutworm Identification
  5. Fall Armyworm Identification
  6. Variegated Cutworm Identification
  7. Squash Vine Borer Damage Symptoms

  1. Seasonal Distribution of Major Turfgrass Pests

  1. Brown Recluse Identification
  2. Brown Recluse Bite Symptoms
  3. How to Recognize the Sexes Among Spiders

Entomology News at Nebraska

Breaking Entomological News...

  • Dr. Susan WellerDr. Susan Weller, director of the University of Nebraska State Museum and professor of Entomology, has been elected a fellow of the Entomological Society of America (ESA). The society noted Weller’s internationally-known research on arctiine moths and other Noctuoidea, and her administrative leadership in promoting entomology and science education. See the article at UNL News for more about Weller's recognition. Congratulations Susan!
  • Marilyn Weidner & GracieWe are pleased to announce that Marilyn Weidner has been named winner of the IANR Exemplary Service Award! Weidner has roles in administrative support, personnel management, data documentation and archiving, review preparation, promotion and evaluation tracking, payroll for 15 departments, and much more. Well deserved Marilyn!
  • Rogan Tokach winning scholarshipCongratulations to Rogan Tokach (Master's student co-mentored by Dr. Autumn Smart and Dr. Judy Wu-Smart) on being awarded a $10,000 national Christi Heintz Memorial Scholarship by Project Apis m!
    Well done, Rogan!
  • Steve Spomer with Beetle CollectionsSpomer nets 40-year Butterfly & Beetle Legacy. Best wishes to Steve Spomer who is retiring this December after 40 years in the Entomology Department. Spomer has identified nearly 700 insect species, including the Salt Creek Tiger Beetle, and taught countless University of Nebraska-Lincoln students. 
  • Bridget Gross with Bees.Bridget Gross, master's student in Entomology, mentored by Dr. Judy Wu-Smart and Dr. Doug Golick, was featured in the Nov. 11th IANR Student Spotlight. Bridget presented her master's degree seminar last month and graduates in December.

  • Check out the Emerald Ash Borer Resource Center, and our Emerald Ash Borer Look-Alike Insects Sheet - Be Sure Before You Treat!