Entomology Employment Center

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This webpage is going on hiatus and is rarely being updated. Please see the links below for additional job listings. Current students should watch their emails and the department Slack channel for job postings. 

  • The University of Nebraska-Lincoln employment opportunities and information are available on the UNL Employment website.
  • UNL students may also find employment positions through the Handshake job search site.
    • The Insect Field Ecology Lab is seeking highly-motivated employees to assist with summer lab and field research on the UNL East Campus and the Eastern Nebraska Research, Extension & Education Center (ENREEC). This is a great opportunity to learn about colony work, data collection and entry, greenhouse work, and general cleaning & organizing, etc. Pay is competitive and will depend on prior experience and education level. Applicants should have a valid driver's license. If interested, please email Dr. Justin McMechan. 
  • Entomology Society of America (ESA) Careers website: https://careers.entsoc.org/jobs.

Students seeking an M.S. or Ph.D. graduate assistantship in the Entomology Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln should contact the corresponding faculty member, https://entomology.unl.edu/faculty, who works in the student's interest area. Assistantships are offered by individual faculty members rather than on a department-wide basis. 

This webpage is going on hiatus and is rarely being updated.

Other Open Entomology Positions

Open until filled

Develops and administers medical pest management and entomologic programs, and conducts biologic surveys. Identifies and maintains surveillance of pests, disease vectors, and other animals of medical importance. Advises medical personnel on vector-borne disease epidemiology.

Your knowledge of insects and their behavior can make a difference in the health, morale and overall environment of our Soldiers. When you serve your country as an entomologist and Officer on the U.S.

Open until filled

The Army health care team depends on its entomologists to plan, control and monitor pest and disease control programs that can affect the health and morale of Soldiers and their families