Entomology Department releases spring seminar schedule

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The Entomology Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) has announced its Spring 2022 seminar schedule. Seminar speakers include invited entomology guests and graduate students from the ENTO 905 course, lead by Dr. Doug Golick. 

Seminar Presentation by Drs. Leslie Rault & Lise Pingault.The title of the first presentation is "Who's Who in Entomology" on Friday, Jan. 21, 2022, featuring with Dr. Leslie Rault, research assistant professor, and Dr. Lise Pingault, post-doctoral specialist. They will speak about their research within the department.
Dr. Fred Gould, North Carolina State University

Most seminars will be held Fridays at noon via Zoom and in 202 ENTO Hall (according to directed health measures). The one exception will be when Dr. Fred Gould, William Neal Reynolds Professor of Agriculture from North Carolina State University, presents his seminar on Wednesday, April 13, at 11 a.m. in 202 ENTO Hall and via Zoom. 

Additional invited speakers are: 

  • Dr. Rob Dunn, professor, North Carolina State University. Dunn will give a talk titled, "A Natural History of the Future, the Case of Insects." This seminar on Jan. 28 will online only. 
  • Dr. Ian Keesey, assistant professor from the UNL Department of Biology, will speak on Feb. 11. His seminar is titled, "Think like a fly: How understanding the brain helps combat the next emerging pest."
  • Dr. Berlin Londono, assistant Professor, School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine from Tulane University, will give a presentation called, "Human-arthropod interactions and pathogen transmission" on March 11. This seminar will be online only.
  • Dr. Anjel Helms, assistant professor, Department of Entomology, Texas A&M University will present on April 1. Her seminar is titled, "Chemical cues linked to risk: How organisms navigate conflict in a chemical world." 
  • Dr. Danielle Tufts, assistant professor, University of Pittsburg, will speak on April 29. Her seminar title is "Ecological and geneteic drivers of tick-borne pathogen transmission."

Student speakers this semester are:

  • Rogan Tokach, graduate research assistant (GRA), will give his presentation Feb. 4. The title of his seminar is "Apitherapy: Fact or Fiction?"  Tokach is advised by Dr. Autumn Smart and Dr. Judy Wu-Smart.
  • Hannah Stowe, GRA, under the advisement of Dr. Julie Peterson, will give her seminar on Feb. 18. The title of her talk is “Landscape effects on the Beneficial Arthropod Community in Agriculturally Dominated Environments.”
  • Luis Ochoa Cadena, GRA, will present on Feb. 25. The topic of his seminar is "Examining potential trade-offs between pest management and pollination to sunflower yield in Nebraska.” He is advised by Drs. Jeff Bradshaw, Gery Brewer, and Autumn Smart.
  • Natasha Umuzu, GRA, will give her presentation on March 4. Her seminar topic is, “Understanding the Role of Planting Date and Hail Damage in the Management and Risk of Soybean Gall Midge.”  She is advised by Dr. Justin McMechan.
  • Araceli Gomez Villegas, GRA, will speak on "Understanding the effects of using perennial grasses for biofuel on pollinator communities in west-central Nebraska" on April 8. She is advised by Drs. Julie Peterson and Autumn Smart. 
  • Xi Xian Ng, GRA, will give his presentation April 22. His seminar is titled, “Ecological and genetic drivers of tick-borne pathogen transmission.” He is mentored by Dr. Troy Anderson.
  • Tia Busenitz, GRA, will give her presentation on May 6. She is advised by Dr. Tom Weissling. 

View a pdf of the Entomology Seminar schedule