Kudos to Entomology's CASNR Elevator Speech winners

Monday, October 11, 2021

Congratulations to Blessing Ademokoya and Heena Puri, Entomology graduate students, for placing in the CASNR 2021 Elevator Speech contest Wednesday!  

Ademokoya won both 2nd place and the Audience Choice Awards. She is a Ph.D. student with Drs. Bob Wright and Tom Hunt. Her topic was "If humans gave birth like parasitoids: Biocontrol in Nebraska stink bugs."

Puri won 4th place in the contest, which was held at the Nebraska East Union.  She is a Ph.D. student with Dr. Joe Louis. Puri's topic was "Sugarcane aphids: an emerging threat to Nebraska sorghum."

Great job to entomology students, Jeff Cluever and Matthew Greiner, for their elevator speeches as well!  Cluever's presentation was on "Monitoring Western Bean Cutworm populations in dry edible beans."  Greiner's presentation was titled, "Impact of Multiple Pesticide Exposures on Monarch Caterpillars in Agricultural Systems."

Kudos to all the winners & participants!