Tasks to Complete Before Graduation

Multiple Choice Comprehensive Exam
For Option III M.S in Entomology, students are required to take a Written Comprehensive Exam and either the General Entomology Qualifying Exam or the BCE Exam from the Entomological Society of America. See below for more information.

  1. General Entomology Qualifying Exam The General Entomology exam is a 100-point multiple choice exam covering basic areas of entomology such as biology and classification, ecology, physiology, toxicology, and pest management. This is a one-hour, closed-book test administered on Blackboard.
    Topics to study for the General Entomology Qualifying exam:
    1. History of Entomology
    2. Federal regulations for pesticide registration and usage
    3. General insect classification and biology
    4. Insect morphology and physiology
    5. Insect behavior and ecology
    6. Insect development and metamorphosis
    7. Pest management practices
    8. Medical entomology
  2. BCE (Board Certified Entomologist) Exam
    As an alternative to the General Entomology exam given by the Entomology Department, students may take the BCE exam administered by the Entomological Society of America. Requirements and application for this exam are available at http://www.entocert.org/bce-examinations

The Written Comprehensive Exam
This exam is in essay format and is administered via email. Questions are solicited by the distance education coordinator from departmental faculty. The exams may be open-book (by discretion of the faculty member) and is assessed on a pass/fail basis. The questions are general in nature and, as such, require a thorough knowledge and synthesis of information. Students are allowed about a week to complete the exam.

Suggested Books to consult for exams:

  1. The Science of Entomology (4th ed). 1994. William S. Romoser.
  2. Fundamentals of Applied Entomology. Pfadt.
  3. Fundamentals of Entomology. R.J. Elzinga.
  4. An Introduction to the Study of Insects. Borer, Triplehorn, and Johnson.
  5. Destructive and Useful Insects (5th ed.). 1992. Robert Metcalf.
  6. An Outline of Entomology. 1994. P. Gullan.

Final Steps
Deadlines for submitting the Application for Degree form and other requirements for graduation can be found at the Graduate Studies website.