UNL Entomology Virtual BugFest 2021

Welcome to BugFest 

BugFest is Now LIVE!

This online event is designed to appeal to learners of all ages who love insects and/or science. BugFest features asynchronous video presentations prepared specifically for virtual learning.  This free event is an opportunity to learn from entomology students, faculty & staff. Be sure to take advantage now as the 2021 Virtual BugFest is only available through October 24th.


Welcome from John Ruberson, Department Head

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BugFest Topics:

A to Z Insects: in Spanish and English! (8:04)  Other materials ( Color guide English and Spanish , Alphabet Bugs )

Bed Bug Road Show (9:26)

Bugs and Bodies: Forensic Entomology (22:16)

BugFest BioBlitz (2:00)

Invasive Insects (11:15)

Planting for Insect Conservation (12:01)

Wild Bees! (11:19)

Nebraska Tiger Beetles and Swallowtail Butterflies (8:14)

Soil Dwelling Recyclers (3:10)

Simple Soil Recycler Experiments (3:35) Other materials ( recyclers data sheet {pdf file} )

Magical Creatures as Seen in a Famous Book Series (7:37)

Mealworms as Polystyrene Recyclers (3:22)

How Entomologists Identify Insects (5:02)

Scientific Illustration and How-To (20:06)

Drawing Videos

Lessons from the Hive 

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