Bauer is guest speaker for Arthro-Pod podcast

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Erin BauerJoin the Arthro-Pod gang as they hear from Erin Bauer, graduate lecturer, at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Entomology.  She will speak about Nebraska's online master's degree and how entomology education works on the Internet!

UNL's online master's of science degree was the first of its kind in entomology. Erin is not only the academic advisor and lecturer for this program, she's a graduate of it!  Tune in to learn about the three online entomology degrees in the US, how the experience is different than an in-person degree, and how you can enroll! 

Arthro-Pod, is a podcast that teaches its listeners about the weird and wonderful world of insects! This podcast is hosted by Jonathan Larson, University of Kentucky, Jody Green, UNL Extension, and Michael Skvarla, Penn State Extension.