Beneficial Insect Curriculum

Beneficial Insect Lessons

These lesson activities were created as a part of EPA Grant No. BE97768001 2019-2022. The goal of this project was to develop, deliver, and disseminate new curricula in Nebraska to: 1) improve knowledge in school-aged students and their parents and communities about the ecosystem services insects provide in agroecosystems and 2) provide training and skills to school-aged students to evaluate insect communities in school or demonstration gardens so that students may make informed decisions about how to manage pest insects and weeds while preserving beneficial insects. The grant reached 1001 elementary and middle schools learners and nearly 1400 other members of the public.

This curriculum targets learners in grades 2-7th grade and covers a variety of science and engineering concepts applicable to both Nebraska and Next Generation Science Standards. The curriculum presented was used with over 1,000 learners across Nebraska.


This project was developed under Assistance Agreement No. #97768001 awarded by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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