Cicindela denverensis Casey - Green Claybank Tiger Beetle

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Description: 12-14mm, metallic green with white markings

Similar Species: C. purpurea (green morph), C. decemnotata

Range: Western Plains

Nebraska Distribution:

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Habitat: Clay/loess banks, eroded cliffs

Seasonal Occurrence: Spring/fall, although scarce in fall

Status: Moderately common in dissected loess hills, less common in Pine Ridge

*Note: This beetle is part of a complex of closely-related species which includes C. splendida, C. denverensis, and C. limbalis. We agree with Carter (1989) that C. splendida and C. denverensis may be subspecies of C. denverensis, as there appear to be intergrades in the Gothenburg area. However, until there is a definitive work on the systematics of the complex, we have retained their specific status.

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