Cicindela terricola Say - Ground-Hugging Tiger Beetle

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Description: Dark brown or dull black with reduced markings

Similar Species: None

Range: Northern Plains

Nebraska Distribution:

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Habitat: Alkaline ditches, flats (Carter 1989)

Seasonal Occurrence: Summer

Status: Uncommon, if present

*Note: Almost all of the specimens in the Univ. Nebr. State Museum are typical C. t. cinctipennis; two dark specimens from Dawes Co. are immaculate or nearly so and may be terricola. However, one specimen, labelled "S.D." is definitely black and immaculate (true terricola?) and looks quite different from the Dawes Co. specimens, so the Dawes Co. specimens may merely be unmarked cinctipennis. Clearly, extensive collecting needs to be done in the Pine Ridge area to address this confusing situation.
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