Pollinator Health

Pollinator Health is essential for ecosystem functioning and food security. Our work in this area is to investigate the underlying stressors and their roles impacting insect pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, that contribute to global pollinator health decline. Outcomes include identifying risk mitigation opportunities, improving public pollinator conservation practices, and best management practices to protect beneficial pollinators in agricultural and natural systems.

Autumn Smart

Dr. Autumn H. Smart

Research Assistant Professor

Insect Ecology, Plant-Pollinator interactions, Pollinator Health
University of Nebraska
Department of Entomology
215 Entomology Hall
Lincoln, NE
Dr. Louise Lynch-O'Brien

Dr. Louise Lynch-O'Brien

Assistant Professor

Insect Biology
103 ENTO Hall
Lincoln, NE 68583-0816
Doug Golick

Dr. Doug Golick

Associate Professor

Science Education
216 ENTO Hall
Lincoln, NE 68583-0816
Gary Brewer

Dr. Gary Brewer


Pest and Pollinator Interaction, Livestock Entomology
109C Entomology Hall
Lincoln, NE 68583-0816
Troy Anderson

Dr. Troy Anderson

Associate Professor

Integrative Physiology, Biochemistry & Toxicology
109D ENTO Hall
Department of Entomology
Lincoln, NE 68583-0816