Turfgrass Entomology (lacewings)


The Green Lacewing is of the family Chrysopidae and are mainly either predatory or parasitic as immatures and are generally predatory as adults, though some feed only on pollen. Lacewings will primarily eat aphids but will also eat mites, thrips, mealybugs, smaller caterpillars, and other soft bodied organisms. They will also feed on insect eggs. Adults that are predatory feed on the same types of insects. There are 90 species identified in North America. Adults will range in size from 12mm up to 20mm. To keep lacewing populations viable, the area must be free of pesticides or using weaker types. Some species of lacewing, particularly Chysoperia carnea and C. rufilabris can be commerically bought and used in greenhouses and other protected fields to control aphid populations.