Steps in Course

  1. Topic

    Students will:
    1. Review syllabus and materials on the course website.
    2. Review project examples in Examples of Focus Areas in the course website.
    3. Brainstorm project ideas and discuss with M.S. Project Coordinator, Erin Bauer
    4. Submit project ideas for feedback from the M.S. Project Coordinator.
    5. Submit topic idea (via email) within the first week of class to the M.S. Project Coordinator for approval.

    Instructors will:
    1. Provide feedback on acceptability of topic via email.
  2. Proposal

    Students will:
    1. After the topic is approved, write the proposal. See the Proposal section of the course website.
    2. Submit the proposal within the first 5 weeks of the course to the M.S. Project Coordinator at, who will review it and send it to the rest of the M.S. Project Committee for suggestions and approval.

    Instructors will:
    1. Review the completed project proposals and provide feedback in approximately two weeks after the proposal due date.
  3. Portfolio

    Students will:
    1. Provide the completed M.S. project portfolio to the M.S. Project Coordinator. Please format it using the following: M.S. Project Template for Project Outline and References. Copies of materials must be provided according to project requirements outlined in the Project Requirements and Guidelines section of the course website.
    2. Submit the portfolio within four semesters of registering for ENTO 888. Portfolios must be submitted no later than five weeks before the end of the semester to be considered for a grade in that semester. See the Project Submission section of the course website.

    Instructors will:
    1. Provide a written review of materials and formal approval of portfolio via email.
    2. Reviews will usually be provided within two weeks, however up to one month may be required for review.


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