Entomology 888: Distance Master's Project

This course (ENTO 888) serves as a capstone experience for students in the UNL Online M.S. Degree Program in Entomology. This required course provides an opportunity for students to apply knowledge they have gained from their courses to create an original body of work focusing on an area of personal or professional interest. Instructors for this course will include the M.S. Project Coordinator and the M.S. Project Committee.

What will you be producing?
Students in ENTO 888 will be creating original works that reflect a scholarly understanding of entomology. Projects can take many forms such as scholarly reviews, teaching or training materials, multimedia, surveys, and other items that represent a substantial intellectual contribution to the field of entomology. Projects will be submitted in portfolio format and will contain a written summary and products (e.g., photographs, Web-pages, graphics, or written materials). While M.S. projects are expected to be of substantial intellectual contribution, they are not theses.

When should you take this course?
This course is designed for students who have completed 24 credit hours in the Online M.S. Degree Program in Entomology. The project needs to be completed within 4 semesters (summer sessions count as one semester) of the term in which you enroll in ENTO 888.

We recommend that you complete this course at least one semester before the one in which you intend to graduate. This is because some deadlines are shortened in the semester of graduation due to paperwork needed by grad studies that ensures requirements have been met for graduation.

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